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Hiking holiday in the Alps | Hiking area on the Emberger Alm - Branding
Almhotel Fichtenheim

Did you know…

  • … that the humidity of the air up here is very low? It is about half as high as down in the valley.
  • … that besides visiting the seaside, asthmatics are advised to take high mountain holidays?
  • … that allergy symptoms quickly decrease on Emberger Alm? Eczemas, for example, frequently go back within just a few days. And there are no dust mites up here.
  • … that a stay at 1750 meters above sea level encourages the formation of red blood cells and helps regulate the blood pressure?
  • … that you can loose weight during your holiday at FICHTENHEIM? Medical studies proof that a stay of about 20 days at our sea level leads to a loss of approximately 2 kilos of weight without changing your eating habits!
  • ... that the air’s low oxygen content causes deeper breathing and intensified inner organ activity. This results in a reduction of fat storages.

Combined with a lot of outdoor activities you will feel like a new person!

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